Vancouver, slightly overdue...... but client photos come first. : )

by Ashley Dance

This summer we headed out west to visit Jay’s sister, Erin in Vancouver!  We had an amazing time (as always) and wonderful weather!  We explored the vibrant city of Vancouver and its many districts; Kitsilano, Gas Town, Rail Town, North Van etc.   Most of all we soaked up the Natural beauty of British Columbia.  Our lungs were cleansed by the sea air, we were humbled by the vast mountains and taken back by the picturesque beauty of town of White Rock.   We also headed over the border and spent the day in Seattle, WA.  We walked through the famous Pike Place Market,  saw the Seattle Space Needle and even got to try Hot Cheetos and Takis!  To top it off we celebrated our second wedding anniversary with dinner overlooking the very beach where Jay proposed to me three years to the date after sunset!  Oh,  and of course we took a ton of photos.  It's hard to beat the west coast lifestyle,  and we can't wait to go back and explore more of British Columbia.